Black Roots of Opera


When Dvorak wrote the New World Symphony in 1893, he showed the world that music from African-American roots helped define the “American Music Style.” Thirty years later, in the midst of the Harlem Renaissance, America found a poet whose words matched this new music in Langston Hughes. On this year’s BROS tour, we will explore how Langston Hughes’ words inspired American operas and art song. We will also discuss how these pieces educated audiences all over the world about American Civil Rights issues and gave them a taste of American culture. Opera Memphis Artists-in-Residence will perform pieces from both operatic and song literature, and an Opera Memphis representative will lead a discussion of the works performed.

Available February 9 - March 6

$250 per performance ($200 each additional)

Grades K – Adult

30 – 45 minutes

For more information, contact Morgan Beckford, Education and Outreach Coordinator, at (901) 202-4540.