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Buoso Donati and 9 Other Dead Guys You Need to Know

Buoso Donati and 9 Other Dead Guys You Need to Know Sometimes the most important character in a story is also the...deadest? It's true! Read all about these famous corpses below.   1. Buoso Donati - Gianni Schicchi At number one on our list of dead guys is the infamous Buoso Donati! This guy is dead. Really dead. Like, dies almost as soon as the curtain opens and stays dead for the rest of the show. So why is he so important to Puccini's one-ac... Read More
Posted by Jillian Barron at Friday, January 17, 2020

10 Ways to Have Opera in Your 2020

10 Ways to Have Opera in Your 2020   It's a new year and a chance to incorporate some new music (or more of your favorites) into your life! Here are 10 easy ways to bring a little opera into your 2020 without breaking the bank. 1. Add the Opera Classics playlist to your Spotify. Easy. Instant. And best of all, FREE. Listen to over 5 hours of the best of opera music anytime, anywhere.   2. Pick up some vinyl recordings of famous operas. Take your friends for a trip d... Read More
Posted by Jillian Barron at Thursday, January 2, 2020