10 Ways to Have Opera in Your 2020


10 Ways to Have Opera in Your 2020

10 Ways to Have Opera in Your 2020


It's a new year and a chance to incorporate some new music (or more of your favorites) into your life! Here are 10 easy ways to bring a little opera into your 2020 without breaking the bank.

1. Add the Opera Classics playlist to your Spotify.

Easy. Instant. And best of all, FREE. Listen to over 5 hours of the best of opera music anytime, anywhere.


2. Pick up some vinyl recordings of famous operas.

Take your friends for a trip down to your local record store, antique mall, or Salvation Army to dig through crates of classic vinyl and discover some of the best operas!  


3. Join an opera meetup group.

Want to connect with more opera-philes? Consider joining a meetup group! There are hundreds across the world, and most can be found HERE.


4. See a live opera performance.

Experience the wonder and power that only a live performance can offer. Google your local opera houses/companies, or CLICK HERE for a list of Opera Memphis's 2019-20 productions.


5. Catch a metropolitan opera at the movie theater.

Every couple of weekends, the Met HD will offer live screenings of opera productions at your local movie theatre. Sit back, have some popcorn, and enjoy top-grade opera!


6. follow your favorite opera companies on instagram.

Opera companies all over the world have joined Instagram, and now you can follow your favorites and stay up-to-date on everything they do! CLICK HERE to follow Opera Memphis.


7. bookmark the opera database on your web browser.

From PDF's to recordings, this database has it all! Check it out and learn everything you could want to know about opera.


8. Experience 30 days of opera.

Not sure you're ready to commit to a full price ticket? Catch FREE OPERA from Opera Memphis and see just how awesome it is!


9. Watch great performances on pbs.

This online streaming service brings opera, symphonies, ballets, and more performances to the comfort of your home! CLICK HERE to see all the content.


10. purchase a season subscription to your local opera company.

Ensure a year full of opera with one easy click. Purchase a season subscription and never miss out on your local opera company's stellar performances!

Posted by Jillian Barron at 08:00
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