A Victorian Holiday with Opera Memphis


A Victorian Holiday with Opera Memphis

Opera Memphis celebrates the holiday season with a new interactive operatic experience, A Victorian Holiday with Opera Memphis.

This one-of-a-kind experience puts guests in the center of an 1890's holiday party with interactive characters and games, opera singers, caroling, Victorian Conjurer Jeffrey Day performing illusions on stage and amongst party-goers, and festive libations being served. The evening is tied together by an ongoing story of love lost and found that plays out in small vignettes and audience interactions. The grand finale is directly influenced by the reactions and participation of the audience members during the course of the evening and will change based on these interactions with several possible endings.

A Victorian Holiday is the first of its kind for Opera Memphis. In addition to the beautiful music you would expect, there are elements of immersive theatre and improvisational storylines. "It's one-third Downtown Abbey, one-third Murder Mystery Dinner Party, one-third Renaissance Faire, and one-third festive cocktails," says General Director Ned Canty when describing the event. "That may be bad math, but we will earn that extra third."

The year is 1895 in Memphis, Tennessee. Ms. Florence Nithercott is hosting her annual holiday party for all her friends at the lovely Dixon Estate. A travelling troupe of singers, musicians, and performers has been stranded in Memphis after mechanical troubles with the riverboat that was to take them to New Orleans. To show them some Southern hospitality, Ms. Nithercott has graciously invited them to join her and her guests for the party. So grateful for the invitation, the performers have offered to put on a few shows to entertain their lovely host and her guests. Audience member interaction will directly impact who proposes marriage to whom, whether the young lady of the house will audition for a life upon the wicked stage, or whose cookie recipe will be served to the guests!

A Victorian Holiday with Opera Memphis, a family friendly event, performs at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens December 14 and 15 from 7 - 10 PM. Tickets are $25, and Dixon Members receive a 20% discount. For more information and to reserve your tickets, click HERE or call 901.202.4533.

Posted by Jillian Barron at 1:47 PM
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