Welcome to the Jungle!


Welcome to the Jungle!

By Alison Moritz, Director of The Magic Flute

Tuesday, November 10

Today is our last day of rehearsals in the Clark Opera Memphis Center. The scenery has arrived at the Germantown Performing Arts Center, so we’re beginning to incorporate many of the props that arrived with the set. For weeks, I’ve been particularly curious about the “remote controlled parrot” on the props list.

This sounds like a pretty fun prop, right? I had assumed it would be a sort of helicopter parrot that a member of the crew could fly from backstage. So, sight unseen, I planned to incorporate it into the show.


Photo by Charlene HoneycuttThe parrot has landed. And it doesn’t fly! It isn’t broken, though. Rather, the parrot was built on a little car with wheels, so it can drive around on the ground. As hilarious as it is to play with in the rehearsal room, a grounded parrot is not really that satisfying to watch, so I begin thinking through my options… Do I like the Big-Wheelin’ parrot enough to let him cruise onstage? Or do we try to come up with a high-flying option?

During the rehearsal today, I come up with a pretty simple solution for a bird that will fly… I think. It’s a quick bit of comedy, and a very old-fashioned trick, but we’re hoping to set it up in the theater.

Stay tuned for more Tech Week details and sneak peeks of costumes, hair and makeup, and lights!

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