WKNO Opera Classics: The Falling and the Rising

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WKNO Opera Classics: The Falling and the Rising

05/29/2020, 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM

WKNO 91.1 FM Memphis or wknofm.org map


On Friday, May 29 at 8 PM CT, revisit the 2019 Opera Memphis production of the new American opera, The Falling and the Rising, on WKNO - 91.1 FM Memphis or listen live at wknofm.org. #opera901 #keepthemusicgoing

The Falling and The Rising

The Falling and the Rising is a new American opera conceived by Sgt. Ben Hilgert of the U.S. Army Field Band and Soldiers' Chorus, inspired by Opera Memphis' Ghosts of Crosstown project in 2014. That project sparked his vision of an opera that would capture the indomitable spirit of our U.S. military veterans and shed light on the inspirational power of their often overlooked stories - stories of family, service, and sacrifice in a period of great uncertainty. Words by Jerre Dye. Music by Zachary Redler.

Conductor: Michael Sakir
Stage Director: Ned Canty

Soldier: Chelsea Miller
Toledo: Stephanie Doche
Jumper: Philip Himebook
Homecoming Soldier: Marcus King
Colonel: Darren K. Stokes

Military Chorus
Memphis Symphony Orchestra
Jessica Hall, piano