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Set Rental at Opera Memphis

We are happy to provide full or partial sets depending on the scale of your production and your specific space needs.


The Magic Flute


Inspired by the South American rain forest, this set lets Tamino, Pamina, and Papageno wander among trees and vines, clamber over rocks, and stand at the top of a magnificent precipice. With multiple levels and lots of space to play, this Magic Flute set offers room for Mozart's twisted fairy tale to reach new heights of the jungle canopy.

From Ned Canty's whimsical Mikado interpretation comes this set, which draws from aspects of Asian culture which have made their way into American pop-culture, specifically anime and manga. With clean lines and a geometric sensibility that allow characters to pop from the stage as they would in a comic book, this set brings an extra dose of fun to Gilbert and Sullivan's beloved classic.

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see more photossee the costumes

Madama Butterfly

The Falling and The Rising

Spare and elegant, this set allows the full focus to be on the singers and the story, with the elegant, hand-painted shoji screens providing endless opportunities for creative and dramatic lighting.

Platforms create dimensions and layers for an understated storytelling experience. Paired with army surplus detailing and projections, this set transforms into a variety of locations to compliment this heartwrenching piece.

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