Opera Memphis is proud to continue its nationally recognized "Sing2Me" program of mobile performances! Opera Memphis can come to your neighborhood, place of work, or school to perform a themed concert for you and your neighbors, co-workers, or students. We have a number of options to choose from, from our hour-long concerts to short pop-ups, to "zoom-bombing" a staff meeting. Even better, when you purchase a Sing2Me performance you can donate a performance for an organization, neighborhood, or school at a reduced rate! Email us for options on how to give the gift of live music. 

How does it work?

Send an email to with your location, contact info, and some possible dates and times in the next several weeks or months. Also, let us know which type of show you would like:

Opera's Greatest Hits: a selection of all-time greats by some of the best composers to ever write for the operatic stage!

Opera Goes to Broadway: a lineup of gems from every era of American Musical Theater!

We will then contact you to work out specific details regarding date and time and to let you know about any technical needs (access to power outlets, parking spots, etc).

On the day of the show, we will pull up with "La Scala Piccola", our mobile opera stage, and sing our hearts out!

How much does a performance cost?

The most common type of show is an hour-long event with three singers, which is priced at $450. That allows us to cover our costs and ensure all the artists get paid. We can do longer as well; just let us know what you would like, and we can discuss what is possible.

If you would prefer a more compact type of event, we can send a singer to do a "pop-up" style performance of three or four songs for $200. 

Maybe you're looking for a special gift or surprise for someone on their birthday or a way to liven up a long Zoom meeting? We can have a singer call the person or group of your choice starting at just $25!

Want to capture your show for posterity, or share it with friends and family who can't attend? We offer low-cost solutions for that as well!

Want to help spread opera even further? When you purchase a Sing2Me concert, you have the opportunity to make an additional donation of $150, which will sponsor a concert in your honor for first-responders or for a community or organization that could not otherwise afford a performance!

Can you do this type of performance safely?

Yes! We have worked with multiple agencies to create a method to allow everyone to stay safe while reveling in the glory of the human voice. For example, no artist needs to come within 6 feet of any other artist, and no piece of equipment is touched by more than one person over the course of the show. We even have disposable covers for our microphones, and every piece of equiptment is thoroughly cleaned between shows. Some of our singers live together in the same "quarantine bubble", so we can even do duets!

Please note that we will only perform in areas that allow for safe social distancing between artists and audience, and between audience members themselves. If that is not possible, we cannot ask our artists to proceed.